Five Struggles you must pick up & win

Choose your struggles wisely

shutterstock_447980578As a child we are generally protected from the external world and struggles it may present. While this is a safe period and one must use it wisely to gain strength,momentum and direction towards what eventually you may want to do in life. Much before what life may present its struggles on to you will and should dawn on you someday or the other.

What better way to navigate this phase of life- but to be wise and choose what you want to struggle for.

My thoughts are inspired by my own struggles – which were not chosen by me, and what struggles I wish that my children and younger professionals go through. Read carefully – it may well help you tread well on your career front much better.

#1 First on my list is struggle for right information. You need clear and unambiguous information of things you need to know. This could be pertaining to your self assessment, your quest for a career,your curiosity about say sex, or anything under this sun. As a young mind, you must have the urge to know and know things well. Any amount of struggle you do to get right information is worth it. Cause only when you know will you grow.

#2 Second on my list would be struggle to find a good mentor. Learn from others mistakes, and your mentor would do well to teach you from his/her own mistakes and caution you about things which would might run into. Many of us don’t put enough efforts to find a mentor and struggle later as we end up repeating mistakes which we could might as well avoid. Saves time, makes you more efficient and hence smart enough to fast track on your goals.

#3 Third most significant struggle you should choose is that of articulation and communication. This is what separates wheat from the chaff. How well have you learned to communicate your thoughts and mind will decide how well you are heard and received by your colleagues, peers, seniors, and even yourself. Remember your first two struggles – that of having right information, and mentor are baby steps you take to know what you want and now you know how to communicate that. Defining what you need, defines what you get.

#4 One of the significant aspect of growing up is to stay humble. This can be a nasty struggle to win. If you have tread the path correctly till now , chances are you will be somewhat successful, and somewhat self congratulatory. This often leads to undermining someone else’s struggles and hence makes you a bit arrogant or cocky. I would caution that you must master the art of being humble and grounded. There are always new things to learn and you must learn them. Struggle to remain humble would score high once you are on way to be success.

#5 Last on my list is the struggle to stay updated with technology. This is like running on a tread mill which pick up speed every 1 km you run. But the struggle is worth it. Technology makes you productive and productivity is what one cares for. I find many people to be choosing to pass off on this struggle and I believe this is a strategic mistake. One must stay relevant always and technology can be your best friend – when everything else is changing around you

Hope you pick up above 5 struggles in your life and pass on many other learnings to your colleagues and peers. Happy reading.

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