Holiday as an Investment ?

I have been lucky to experience holidays. Holidays with my lovely family, friends, parents, and at times alone.  No debate here that Holiday is what everyone should experience in life – it should be a basic human right , not a privilege.

However I have seen a lateral shift in my approach to Holiday. Thankfully not in terms of taking more holidays , but my approach to plan holidays. Those of you who follow my blog – know well about my demographics and life stage. Those of you reading it through social media/first time – I am 42 year young C level executive with a European creative post production studio. Have a lovely family comprising of two kids and beautiful wife. Been taking holiday twice a year for last 7 years.

So what is it that has changed ?

I never considered Holiday as an investment. I always considered it as an expenditure.

If I could afford one – I would spend on it, If I can’t – I would probably be sorry about it. This all changed drastically. Thanks to peer pressure from my lovely friend circle and the strategic response team from Club Mahindra who met me on one of Sunday & changed my point of view completely. More about them later.

First I want to talk about why Holiday is an investment and needs to be planned like any other investment you do in your life – House, Insurance, MF, FD’s.

With increasing life expectancy, improved medical aid and more awareness we are seeing a increased life span. This also means a higher stress on your working life and  higher demand for you and your family to un wind. Holiday is the antidote to it.

Question is can you afford holidays say 10 years from now when your life poses you different challenges – kids studies, parents health, your own health checks etc.  Inflation and you being on wrong side of 50 would leave you with less chances of taking risks. Does it mean you stop taking holiday. Not really.

That is where you plan holiday like an investment. An investment which leads you a successful  family time for next 2 decades or so. I strongly believe that this point is important to consider for all in my age group. You may end up buying nay holiday which fits you scheme of things – budgets, life stage, family type – but invest you must.

Do not consider it as an expenditure and plan for it. You and your family needs it.

Now a bit about Club Mahindra. Ok this is not a plug in for them – however I found the messaging, context , communication and professionalism of team at Club Mahindra to be 9/10. They were professional to check timelines for meet, remind about our meeting, keep the association professional and flexible. It reaffirms my belief that if you have a strong proposition and equally strong team to deliver it – you have a winning combination at hand.

So I ended up taking a Club Mahindra membership and Invested in my family’s future. Quite a shift in my approach to Holidays. What do you consider your holidays as – Expenditure or Investments ? Want to leave you with that thought.

Thank you Club Mahindra folks, I hope to remain as genuinely praiseful of your efforts ever and you continue to exceed our expectations.

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