The Wide Eyed Wanderer

When employees leave, they often carry with them a bit of organization. I am carrying a bit of LMG/BPN/Branded content and many more memories with me.

I also intend to carry back something more then memories. Its called feedback.

As I leave Lintas today, I hope to see new curves (dont get wild ideas – I meant learning and challenges curves), learn new things beyond Media, make new friends, and hopefully emerge as a bright and proud professional.

You dont become good professional by just experiences, you also need feedback. Feedback about what people believe you are.

I want you to take time out of your schedule and take a moment to give me a feedback about me. What better time to ask for it when I am leaving. This will ensure you can be bitchy, nasty and badmouth me if you have to.

Whatever it is, I accept it and would urge you to take this poll.

Happy knowing you.

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