@Milindrunning – Inspiration to many

Milind Soman is someone who has successfully transformed himself from poster boy of Indian modelling world to poster boy of Indian running sports. His run from Delhi to Mumbai is a great initiative not just to promote go green , but also a genuine way to explore India.


I started following @ milindrunning on twitter few days back, when I learned about his run from Delhi to Mumbai. a grueling run over 1300 kms, minus the glam sham and branding by marketers. It attracted me for the sheer grit and determination from Milind and his team to make this run possible.

How many of us opt for running as a sport – not many. Though many of us  know about how running benefits our fitness and is good for us, but we don’t find time or run in the gym on treadmill. 

I think what Milind has done by running from Delhi to Mumbai is inspired many of us to seriously consider this as one of the choice for healthy living.

Kudos to Milind and NDTV and I really hope I start running outside and not confined to my treadmill.

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