Microblogging v/s blogging.

My blogging has reduced considerably, (Though I author 2 blogs) and it has been at the expense of twitter. Perhaps find it difficult to write/type long thought(s). Better to express it in 140 characters, or still better hyperlink something you strongly feel about.

That brings me to a question bothering me for sometime. Isnt twitter pushing us to share somebody else’s work/pictures/blog/thoughts by simply hyperlinking, and leaving us to drift apart from original content/writings. Many of the tweets I follow are about a link or so from a third party.

I am not saying it is wrong, or unethical, afterall digital world is all about sharing, but somewhere inspiration for sharing something original, self created seems to be on a downslide.

Call it lack of energy, time, thoughts or whatever, but the trend clearly is to repost, share, retweet etc. Leaves you more of sharers than creators.

I am glad I am creating this piece of original thought/observation and not sharing someone else thought.

You, however are free to share/tweet/retweet though.