Deterioriation of Media portals

I have developed a aversion to surfing most of the media portals.

I think they are succumbing to everything but good reportage. Sample few of the stories :

” We are poised for a aggressive growth in 2010″, or “We had a fantastic 2009 and geared for a fantastic 2010” or “Our clients have shown faith in our work, and hence we are getting repeat business”, or even worst “Our list of clients goes on like blah blah blah blah…”.

First up, do they have a editorial board ,which ratifies the claims made by such self promoting media junkies. Secondly why should they carry a story if it does not have any point of view from the editorial board. Is it a classified ad section or advertorial , or a media news portal.

Last but importantly, I think even people using these portals as self glorification platforms should understand that they are contributing to overall deterioration of journalistic levels. Wake UP.

One comment

  1. Girish · January 15, 2010

    Well Ashish this goes beyond your media portals, i happened to do a training workshop few days back and was surprised to see the editorial guy sending his advtg person for the same who very confidently handed me his proposal for an ad at the venue. Secondly, I am amazed at the way these guys present data e.g. No.1 channel in the time band 11pm to 12pm among 25 – 30, top 2 cities… well competition can drive you nuts!

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