Social Networks or Job seeking portals

I must have received 5 requests in recent past asking for recommendations from people I have met once, and worst never worked together. The question is why are people seeking recommendations so vigorously. Same thing gets repeated on FB.

If we were just focusing on Linked in & FB- well read this from Bnet

“Today Linked In year-on-year growth is up nearly 200 percent in the United States and it now has more than 35 million members—many of whom were formerly employed within the hard-hit financial sector. And it’s just one of the many sites to which recession-struck managers are flocking: Xing (based in Germany), with its 7 million members and special Lehman Brothers alumni section, and Meet the Boss (based in the United Kingdom), which restricts membership to C-level financial types, are also experiencing burgeoning membership levels.”

What is triggering this trend. The economy, insecurity of young professional , or something else. Next question where will it lead us to, a new generation linkedin, or FB with strong moderation to separate frivolous job seekers, from serious professional networking.

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