– painful & heartwarming

I was waiting for my turn at my dentist yesterday when I came across a notice on society board of his building. It had a website address which was seeking financial help for Gaurav.

While waiting for my turn , I browsed through this website (I strongly recommend anyone reading this blog to do so) What I saw was painful and heartwarming .

I was pained to look at how life sometimes treats talented young people. Gaurav is suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a type of blood cancer. I have lost a close friend of mine to cancer, and hence was particularly pained at how life can be cruel at times.

What was heartwarming is the fact that how well Gaurav and his family have used Internet for reaching out to people, and seeking financial help. While it may sound like a “one of many chain mails seeking financial help”, one has to go through the website ,and respect the efforts, his friends have put in to update people about his health, and upload pictures.

While I pray and hope that gaurav emerges as a winner in this battle of life and death, I am happy to learn how,if used properly and with genuine intentions a simple “reach out” message can help.

Happy to see changing thoughts

It is heartening to see how good movies can be instrumental in changing thoughts. A case in point is the recent movie called ” Mee shivajiraje bhosale boltoye”. It is a marathi movie and carries a strong message for those both maharashtrians as well as non maharashtrians.

While on one hand it teaches maharashtrians to be more aware about their capabilities and stop cursing the outsiders, it teaches non maharashtraians about the rich heritage and respect which this state carries.

Good lessons learnt on self esteem, pride, false pride, and spirit of enterprise. Go watch